Legal Name Changes

In Texas, to have your name changed you have to file a petition. A petition is a basically a law suit. This is done because it is the only way to “get in front” of the Judge. A Judge is the only person that can grant a name change. Before the petition is filed, a criminal background check is needed. This is just to filter out those that are trying to change their name to avoid some type of criminal prosecution. This background check has to be furnished with the petition (the law suit).

The background check includes submitting your fingerprints. (relax, our Firm has this down to a science). After the petition is filed along with the detailed criminal background check and the fingerprint cards, you wait for a court date. It’s typically a short waiting time. On the court date, you accompany the attorney to Court. The attorney “proves” up your case. The Judge often asks questions about you. If all goes well (and it always does), the Judge signs the ORDER andgrants the name change. You then wait for a “certified” copy to be mailed to you. You use the certified copy to prove and apply for name changes on all of your documents.